Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Holidays Everyone

Well its been a very full first semester indeed. The library has seen a few changes during this time. We have expanded the shelving in the fiction section which has allowed us to increase our collection of fiction titles and we have also recently acquired some very nice movable shelving units, courtesy of Borders, which will also allow us to display more of our journals and magazines and expand our collection in that area too. We have also refitted the shelving for the audio visual collection which has again allowed us to greatly expand our collection in this area as well. This blog itself was created as a way to celebrate the library and has proven to be a great success not only within our school community but also globally. It has gained an audience in the United States, India, Malaysia, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, China, the United Kingdom, and also Australia wide. Our stats show thousands of page views.

On another note the Shaun Tan display has been a massive hit with students so you can look forward to more expansive displays that will incorporate the use of different forms of engaging media. Among other things to look forward to in the near future are upgrades to our library management and media management systems which will make accessing resources easier and will make your time doing research more effective.

Finally a reminder, don't forget to come in before the end of the day to organise your holiday reading and most of all remember to enjoy the break.